God created nature and filled it with beautiful colours. The beautiful green of trees was immensely re-freshing, while the sky was soothing blue. And the beautiful and vibrant red of flowers was filling hearts with joy and energy. Everything looked wonderful with colours.

The world was at its best with colours; but some other problem was brewing in. Every colour considered itself most important. Red said “I am the most joyful and vibrant, so I am most important.” Beautiful blue gave its reasoning “I am spreading all over the sky, I am the largest expanse, so accept me as most important.” Similarly every colour had a reason to declare itself as most important.

The competition to prove oneself superior to others turned bitter. Instead of mingling well , they all started shrinking themselves. Flowers withered, leaves on the trees turned pale and the bright sky turned into a dark expanse. All of a sudden beautiful colours spreading everywhere disappeared; and it was gloomy all around.

When God saw the abrupt behaviour of colours, he got worried. He called all the colours and told them that they together only can make world beautiful. One single colour can do it. So they should respect each other and live amicably.

In spite of various effort;s God was not able to convince them. God realized that now colours need a lesson. God took all the colours;put them in a beautiful order and mingled them very hard. He named it “Rainbow” .

God made the bonding so strong that they can not break it. And said to colours “If you can separate out yourself in Rainbow, then you are allowed to go free. If not, then do as i say.”

All the colours tried a lot to free themselves but it was too strong to break. And the agreed to follow God’s orders. They all promised to live amicably together and make world a beautiful and happy place.

Even now, whenever Rainbow comes, it reminds all colours; their promise to respect each other and stay happily together.

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