I am Big Toe!

Ever since God created human, Big toes considered itself superior to other toes. They always treated them rudely and scornfully. Other toes did not like this. But they did not care much about it and were happy themselves.Because they knew that a co-ordination of all toes is helping human to walk.

One day Big toes got an opportunity to show off and Right Big Toe started “I think We hold a very high value, without us human can’t walk. ” Little toe said “Yes Big Toe,you are right.You are surely very important for human. But even though we are small, we are equally important.”

Big toe boasted off “In fact , we are alone sufficient for walking; I do not understand why God has created you. Sometimes God do makes mistakes.” And started laughing. All toes listened to this and decided that it’s the time when Big Toes need a lesson. Index toe said “Alright, Big Toes if you really feel that we are not needed, we will take some rest and you alone help humans in walk. ” Other Toes supported Index Toe “Yes, It will be a good break for all of us.” Big Toes who had lost to them, had to agree it.

All of the sudden human realized that there is something wrong with his feet. He was not able to walk. Big toes were fine but other toes were completely numb. Whenever he tried to walk , he fell down. He became very sad and started praying to God. He said to himself “Oh God ! Please help me . Why am I not able to walk ? My toes are not working, what has happened to them ? Only Big toe is useless, I can not walk unless my all toes are working.”

Big Toes were trying hard to enable him to walk, but all in vain. Big Toes had understood that they alone can not make human walk. It was co-ordination of all toes which enables human walk. They were very sorry and asked small Toes to forgive for their rude behaviour. Right Big Toe said “We have learnt our lesson, without your support we can not enable human to walk. One can not be great only because of his size, we should be polite, humble and supportive. Then only one can be truly “Big”.”

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