Hanna and Panna

Hanna and Panna were two cows, who stayed in the neighborhood. Hanna was shiny white skinned whereas Panna had a patchy rough brown skin. A beautiful skin made Hanna very proud of its looks and he looked-down Panna. They used to roam and  graze together but could never become good friends because of Hanna’s haughtiness.

It was beautiful Spring all around. Trees were laden with shiny new leaves and pastures were filled with lush green grass.  Hanna and Panna were grazing in a field and enjoying the beautiful day.

Just then Hanna said to Panna “Look Panna, There are beautiful red tomatoes in that farm ! Must be very yummy. Should we go and taste some?”  Panna looked that way, thought for a while and said “Yes Hanna, tomatoes look really tasty, but we can not go to that farm, it is a guarded and if somebody sees us, we can be in trouble.”

Hanna became very angry and said ” You stupid fellow, you are always scared. I should not have asked you at all. I will go alone and enjoy those tasty tomatoes.”  Panna felt little sad to hear these word but finally agreed to go with him.

They entered the farm and started eating tomatoes. Tomatoes were very delicious. They were eating tomatoes when  Panna heard some  foot steps coming towards them and he said to Hanna “I hear somebody coming , now we should run away.”  But Hanna did not pay any heed to him and continued eating . Panna quickly hid himself in the bushes. When guard came  very close -by  Hanna also noticed the  footsteps. He started to look for some thick  bush to hide himself.  But before he could find one, guards were there .

And then It was a bad day for Hanna. Guards started hitting hard on him with sticks, Hanna started grieving in pain and  he ran as fast as he could. But Guards chased him log way. While men were busy chasing Hanna, Panna took the opportunity and quietly ran from the farm in other direction.

After sometime both Hanna and Panna were on the same field where they were grazing. Hanna said to Panna “Please forgive me friend. I treated you very badly. If I would have listened to you, I would not have paid so much. My whole body is into pieces. I promise you, I will never treat badly to anyone and always respect others.” Panna smiled and both started grazing and enjoying sunshine.

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