Grandma Glasses

Grandma entered the room; and said “Charlie dear, have you seen my glasses? I forgot where have i left them. Can you please help me searching?”

Charlie who was busy playing Lego in his room, did not bother to look up also; said “Grandma, I am busy playing, Can you please ask mother to help you. She must be knowing where are your glasses.”

Grandma replied “She is not at home dear, she has gone out for some work. And right now, you need to help me as your father and grandpa are also not at home. I have to do some important paper work, and I need my glasses. please stop playing and help me.

Charlie said “All right Grandma, I can help you searching your glasses. I will check the rooms and you check the living area , kitchen and backyard.This way it will be faster.”

Grandma said “Sure dear, thank you so much for help.” Charlie searched in his room, and then he went to other rooms and searched there. But he could not find glasses anywhere.

He walked towards the hall and said “Sorry Grandma, I could not find your glasses in the rooms. Did you have any luck ?”

When Grandma heard Charlie, she entered living room from backyard and said “No dear,no luck with me.” And then she sat on sofa. When Charlie saw Grandma, he got both confused and surprised.

Grandma looked at Charlie and said “It’s alright dear, we will find the glasses. Don’t be sad.”

Charlie smiled and hugged grandma tightly and said “Grandma, you are just so sweet. Your glasses are on your eyes and we are searching them everywhere in the house.” Grandma touched her eyes and bursted into laughter and said “I am so sorry my dear, I troubled you so much. I think I have really grown very old now.” Charlie loved her and said “No Grandma, you are not old , you are just perfect. I love you a lot.”

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