The backyard was full of beautiful flowers, their fragrance was spreading all around. Yellow, red, blue and purple various colour butterflies were hovering on them. This view was joyful for heart and eyes. Everyone in family liked it ,but Johnny was happiest. He had great fascination for butterflies.

One evening, Johnny was out in garden and looking at flowers. Then,He saw a yellow butterfly and kept chasing till he caught it. He kept that butterfly in a jar. That jar had a number of butterflies already in it. He had purchased that jar from his pocket money and got a lid which had small holes in it and named it “Butterfly Conservatory”.

Emma, his elder sister never liked it. She always tried to stop him from doing this. She said “Johnny, why do you keep butterflies in jar. They won’t be happy there. They love to be free and fly in open sky.”

Johnny, who was least bothered; replied “I love butterflies, see I keep them so nicely. They have a wonderful house to live. I have decorated it with red and yellow flower stickers all over. They are really happy and comfortable here.” Emma tried a lot, but could not stop him. His craze for butterflies kept increasing.

One day,while climbing up stairs, Johnny got dis-balanced and slipped. He got a fracture in his leg. Doctor put plaster and suggested bed rest for a month. Johnny had to lie in bed all the time, no walking at all. He would have all his favourite games, puzzles and books on his bed. All comforts were at his arm’s length.

The only thing he was missing was going out to play with his friends. He was very sad, and was longing to go out.One day when his mother came with a glass of milk, he started crying. He said “Mother, I am tired of sitting in bed all the time. I want to walk and go outside to play.How long do i need to say confined in this room?” Saying this, he burst-ed into tears. Mother consoled and calmed him down; and said “Honey, you will be fine very soon. Then you can go out and play with your friends. Don’t feel bad.”

Emma, who was standing near, was listening to Johnny and was feeling very sad for him but somehow she had a feeling that life was giving a lesson to Johnny. She went to him and said “Dear, don’t cry. You will be fine very soon. I can understand you must be feeling very bad. ” She sat near him and said “My dear, If you feel so bad confined in this room, in spite of all the comforts, Can you imagine how butterflies would be feeling confined in the jar. No Matter, how nicely you keep them in jar, They will always miss their freedom. They are happiest when they can fly free in sky.”

Johnny, who had understood, true meaning of freedom replied “Please forgive me Sister, I did a big mistake.I promise I will never do this again. Can you please take the jar out and set the butterflies free. I want them to be happy.” Emma took the jar out and set all butterflies free.

All butterflies were very happy and flying free in sky and Johnny was happiest.

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